On May 7, 2008, Isaac John came into our lives through the miracle of adoption. We were incredibly blessed to be chosen to be his adopted parents. We were also blessed to be able to afford the high costs of adoption.

While adoption costs can vary greatly, it still remains a fact that many couples who would make outstanding parents cannot afford the costs. It is for this reason that Because of Isaac was created.

We know what it feels like to be childless. And we know what it feels like to adopt. We want to help give the miracle of adoption to other couples who, without financial assistance, may not be able to experience adoption.

Our goal is simple. We want to help raise funds to help couples adopt.

The average cost for a domestic newborn adoption is approximately $25,000. While this seems like an incredible cost, it is 250 people donating $100. It is 2,500 people donating only ten dollars.

Help us bring a child into the arms of waiting parents… because of Isaac.

John & Wendi Kitsteiner

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