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Providing hope for adoption


Our Adoption Story Featured…

Originally written by Wendi in November 2012

November is “National Adoption Month.” And more specifically, November 17th is “National Adoption Day.” I’ll be having tons more on this during the month, but today, I wanted to share with you my excitement that the story of our own adoption has been […]

This Love (By Mandi Mapes)

Originally shared by Wendi in March 2013

Great lyrics on adoption!
This is so for my little Isaac (who will turn 5 in just a few weeks!)

This Love by Mandi Mapes

I’ve never felt this way before
funny how you found you’re way to my door
and suddenly my prayers are coming [...]

Beginner’s Adoption Guide

Originally written by Wendi in Spring 2011

Since “relocating” to Ramstein, I have gotten into two separate conversations (at the playground of all places) about adoption. I am very careful, now that Isaac is three, not to bring up his adoption when he is near. Not that he doesn’t or […]

Adoption Myths (and Truths)

Information from this article was gathered from the The National Center for Health Statistics.

Some misconceptions about adoption trouble prospective birth parents and adoptive families. For instance, adoptive parents may wonder if they will love an adopted child as much as a biological child; birth parents may worry that their child […]

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