1. How can I donate?
Please click here to find out how you can donate to your couple of choice.

2. Why does adoption cost so much?
We are asked this very often. Here is a great page that answers that question.

3. What percentage of my donation goes to the actual cost of adoption?
One hundred percent of your donation will go toward the sponsored couple’s adoption. Additional costs at this time (website domain, postage, etc.) are being paid for by Because of Isaac.

4. Aren’t there other organizations that do the same thing you are doing?
There are other organizations who have a similar mission to Because of Isaac. We are not alone in our mission. Our organization was created out of our desire to pay tribute to our son and to help other couples receive the amazing gift of parenthood that we received.

5. Aren’t there grants and other financial aide available for prospective parents?
Yes. In the midst of raising funds for the current sponsored couple both Because of Isaac and the current sponsored couple will be attempting to reach the their specific monetary goal using all accessible avenues.

6. There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption. 
Follow this link for some basic answers about adoption.

7. Is Because of Isaac a non-profit organization?
Yes! Because of Isaac has non-profit 501c(3) status.

8. Can I get tax deduction for my donation?
Yes. Your will receive a receipt for your donation and an end-of-the-year statement upon request.

9. How do I know the money will be used for the specific adoption?
The IRS requires that a 501c3 organization make an independent evaluation of money sent to each couple. You donation is being made to Because of Isaac and will be designated to your selected adopting family. Your check will be mailed directly to the specific adoption agency or lawyer involved. While all attempts will be made to send your donation directly to your couple, Because of will evaluate each donation personally.

10. What if the sponsored couple decides not to adopt?
If for any reason the sponsored couple cannot use the money, all attempts will be made to have your donation transferred to another deserving couple. No monies can be returned.

11. What if not enough money is raised for this adoption?
All donated money will go toward adoption. If we do not reach our goal, the money raised will still help the sponsored couple pay for the adoption.

12. Why use www.becauseofisaac.org instead of just giving money to a couple directly?
We hope that being a 501c3 organization provides donors with much comfort when giving. In addition, there are NO administrative fees. Currently, 100% of your donated amounts goes directly toward adoption costs.

13. Can I donate with cash?
Unfortunately, there is no way to provide a receipt for a tax write off. We accept check, credit card and Paypal donations. Please note that Paypal charges its own fees based on the user’s account.