Grant and Elizabeth met at Montreat College in North Carolina in 1994. After marrying on a mountaintop in North Carolina in 1999, they headed to Catalina Island where they settled into positions as Camp Administrator and Manager of a YMCA organization.

They assumed, as most couples do, that following a few years of marriage and saving money, that the next, logical inclusion into their lives would be a child.


“When growing up, the dream of starting a family seems such a simple, natural idea. It’s expected; it’s practically assumed.  One gets married, gets settled, and then awaits the laughter of children to fill in the spaces of the home that has been created for such a purpose.  But when there are no joyful announcements of pregnancy, when there are no months of anticipation, when there are no hopes left that tiny toe prints will someday hang on a wall and little arms will grasp you tightly at night, the dream of a having a family becomes an obstacle that looms overwhelming and hopeless.”   

Still childless, in 2006 Grant and Elizabeth relocated to South Florida, where they had both been born and raised. Grant began working with his father-in-law’s contracting business while Elizabeth settled into her true calling – that of a high school English teacher.

However, after many years of trying, they still remained childless, and when the economy and housing market in South Florida took a turn, so did their financial ability to adopt.

“For nearly seven years, we have prayed daily for a miracle, for the chance to be parents.  This journey of infertility has been largely a private one, a struggle we have shared rarely and with only a few.  It has been a period of discouragement and frustration, but even more so, intense sadness.  And yet, the desire to be parents has remained constant; the ache to have children in our lives as part of our family, though at times an overwhelming reminder of our loss, has never dimmed.  We are grateful and deeply blessed, therefore, to partner with Because of Isaac and to share our story, so very personal and so very humbling.  Our deepest desire is to have the chance to love a child; Because of Isaac has offered us the hope that this may yet be possible.”  

It is our hope that we can help this couple become the parents they have always dreamed of being. We hope you will consider partnering with Because of Isaac in bringing a child into their home.

UPDATE – March 2013: Adoption Goal has been reached!
Grant and Elizabeth become Mom and Dad! They are Because of Isaac’s first Forever Family!



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