Steve and Teri met at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia in 1989. They were married on August 7, 1993. Today they have six biological children, Austin (16), Liam (14), Jackson (12), Mackenzie (10), Aiden (8), and Dublin (5).

Steve currently serves as the Athletic Director and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Coral Springs Christian Academy in Coral Springs, Florida. Teri is a third grade teacher at CSCA, and their children all attend the school.

A few years ago, after the earthquake in Haiti, Teri felt the seed of adoption laid on her heart. “I wanted desperately to adopt a Haitian baby. I went to classes and filled out paperwork, but they decided not to let babies out. I was very disappointed,” she recalls. “Steve, however, was a bit relieved. He had been a little bit overwhelmed with the idea of another baby in the house.”


Shortly after their first attempt with adoption fell through, they were introduced to Abule and Alaowei, two Nigerian boys, then 12 and 14 who were attending Coral Springs Christian through an I-20 (exchange program.) “These boys were in a foreign country at such a young age without a true family,” Steve recalls. “And here we were, a family, falling in love with each of these boys.”

And while adopting from Haiti was not meant to be, adoption had stayed at the forefront of Teri’s mind. Steve was much more hesitant about the idea. That’s why both of them knew it was the Lord when Steve ended up being the one to bring up the possibility of adopting Abule and Alaowei. “As a father of six, the last thing I thought I would be doing would be adopting,” Steve shared. “I am a sane man, so they tell me, but when God has a plan, who are we to get in His way?”

Steve recalls how, as thoughts of adopting the boys began to transpire, he and Teri found themselves waiting for God to close the doors. Instead, they found Him opening the doors wider and wider. “The fact that both boys would be here for many years made making them a part of our family a logical decision. This would allow them to have a ‘normal’ high school experience, as well as helping their families back home to have peace of mind that their child was being well taken care of.”

Teri and Steve are extremely excited about the adoption of Abule and Alowei, now 13 and 15. “We have been and will be required to depend on God for wisdom and provision as we will be heading into, for us, unchartered waters. We know that this will be a great experience for our biological children to learn to appreciate the many blessings that God has given our family, and how it is our responsibility to help others in need when the opportunity is put before us.”

We hope you will consider helping Steve and Teri raise the $10,000 needed to bring these boys into their family forever.

UPDATE – July 2013: Both adoptions have been completed!



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